Creating, Editing, and Deleting Grade Items

The following article details how to create, modify, and delete Grade Items in the Grade Book.


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Instructors working within the Grade Book have the ability to create new Grade Items, edit existing Grade Items, and delete unneeded Grade Items.

Creating a new Grade Item

  1. Navigate to the Grade Book, and access the Manage Grades area

  2. Click on New, and then Item

  3. Choose the Grade Item Type that you wish to use for the new Grade Item.

    Note: In general, most instructors will want to use the "Numeric" type for their Grade Item. This is the basic type that allows for scoring using points (E.g., 95/100, 8/10, etc.).

  4. Fill out the required fields for the new Grade Item.

    • The fields most commonly used for the "Numeric" Grade Item Type are as follows:

      • "Name": The name of the new Grade Item.

      • "Category": If you have already created Categories in your Grade Book, you can select which Category the new Grade Item belongs to here.

      • "Maximum Points": The maximum points for the Grade Item. If this Grade Item will be later linked to a content item like an Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz, you will want to be sure that the maximum points here match with the content item. The default value for maximum points is 10.

      • "Weight": This option will only appear when using a Weighted Grading system. Input here how much of the overall grade that you want this item to be worth (E.g., 10% of the overall grade). This area may be set for you if your Grade Item is part of a Category. The default value for weight is 10.

      • "Can Exceed": Enable this option if you wish to be able to give a student more than the designated maximum points (E.g., 110/100). Without this setting enabled, you will receive an error when attempting to give a student more than the maximum points when grading.

      • "Bonus": Enable this option if the entire item is a bonus item, such as an extra credit Quiz or Assignment.

  5. After you have finished filling out the desired settings, click Save and Close to finalize and create the new Grade Item.

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Editing a Grade Item

  1. Navigate to the Grade Book, and access the Manage Grades area

  2. Find the Grade Item that you wish to edit

  3. Click on the down arrow/chevron next to the Grade Item, and select Edit

  4. Make any necessary changes to the Grade Item.

  5. Click Save and Close

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Deleting a Grade Item

  1. Navigate to the Grade Book, and access the Manage Grades area

  2. Find the Grade Item that you wish to delete

  3. Ensure that the Grade Item is not linked to any content. This can be be verified by a '-' symbol under the Association column.

    • If the Grade Item is linked to content, such as an Assignment or Quiz, the link between the Grade Item and content will need to be removed.

  4. Click on More Actions, and then Delete.

  5. On the Delete page, find and check the box to the left the item(s) that you wish to delete.

    Note: Grade Items that are linked to content will have a grayed out check box, and the box cannot be checked.

  6. Click Delete, and then click Delete again in the confirmation pop-up to finalize your deletions.

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