Locating an "In Progress" Quiz Attempt

The following article details how to locate quiz attempts that are still "In Progress."


Please note that the course layout, steps, and screenshots shown below may differ slightly for your campus.


Locating an "In Progress" Quiz

  1. On the Quizzes page in your course, click the chevron next to the title of the exam in which you would like to delete an attempt. From the menu that opens, choose Grade.

  2. The page you are brought to will display all students who have completed and submitted an attempt. If you do not see a student's name on that list, it means that they have not submitted their attempt yet.  To change your search parameters so you can see their attempt, click Show Search Options.

  3. When the search options load, expand the drop-down menu labeled "Restrict To." Select either All users to see a full listing of the students in your class, or Users with attempts in progress to show only those students who have started but not yet submitted their quiz. When you have made your selection, click the magnifying glass icon in the search box. If you are looking for one specific student, you can enter that student's name into the search box before clicking the magnifying glass.

  4. After clicking the magnifying glass to run your search with the new parameters, scroll down to view the search results.

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