How to Publish Grades and Feedback for Quizzes

The following article details the steps for publishing grades and feedback for quizzes.


Please note that the course layout, steps, and screenshots shown below may differ slightly for your campus.

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If "Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion" was not selected in the Quiz settings, follow the steps below to publish the quiz grades. 


Publishing Grades through Quizzes

  1. Navigate to your course and then to the Quizzes page. Locate the quiz for which you would like to publish the grades.

  2. Click the chevron next to the quiz and click on Grade in the contextual menu.

  3. Once the next page loads, you will see a list of the students who have taken the quiz. 

  4. Click on the check box at the top (next to First Name, Last Name) to select all attempts, and click on Publish.

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Publishing Quiz Grades through the Grade Book

Individual quiz grades can be published from the Grade Book. 

  1. Click on Grades in the navigation bar of your course. The location of this section may vary depending on your campus.

  2. In your Grade Book, navigate to the column that pertains to your quiz and locate the student whose grade you would like to publish. 

  3. Click on the question mark icon, with the orange dot, to bring up their attempt information.

  4. In the pop up window, under "Attempt", click the drop down menu and choose "Attempt 1". 

  5. In the next screen, the student's test attempt and results will appear. Review this information and make any adjustments as necessary.

  6. Click the Publish button to publish the student's attempt grade.

  7. The student's grade will now appear in the grade column.

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