How to Use Blackboard Mobile App for Students

How to Use Blackboard Mobile App for Students

You can access your courses online via the Blackboard app. Before you get started, make sure you have the correct Blackboard app on your phone.

Blackboard app for students

What it does: You can view your courses on the app, participate in discussions, turn in assignments and tests, and view course content. If your instructor has enabled Blackboard Collaborate in the course, you will be able to use that feature as well.

Compatibility: The Blackboard app is available for Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Make sure your phone is running iOS 11.0+; Android 5.0+; Windows 10+

If you are using a tablet, iPads must be operating on iOS 11.0+; Android tablet must be working on 5.0+.

If you use a Windows device, read more here.

How do I find which iOS is on my Apple device?

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on General
  • Click on About
  • The iOS is listed in the ‘Version’ area

If you are using a Mac for your classes, here are tips for using a Mac in Blackboard.

Common Questions About Using Blackboard Mobile App

Can I enable notifications?

Yes, you can allow push notifications. Blackboard will notify you about due dates for tests, past due exams, new grades, and your new courses. Currently, there are no notifications about assignments. As a rule of thumb, ALWAYS refer to the syllabus and course schedule.

To enable Blackboard notifications on your device, go to your device settings.

How do I log into Blackboard mobile?

To log into Blackboard mobile, use the same username and password you use when accessing Blackboard on a desktop computer or laptop. If you are having trouble logging into Blackboard on your mobile device, contact your campus helpdesk.

Can I take tests or turn in assignments in Blackboard on my phone?

Yes, you can take tests and turn in your assignments online; however, we recommend you don’t rely solely on your mobile device to complete or participate in your online course. If you are turning in an assignment or taking a test on your mobile device, do so ONLY through the app and not a mobile browser. Always verify that your submission went through. If you experience trouble, reach out to your instructor and the helpdesk right away!

Why can’t I email my instructor in the app?

Your instructor has to enable a setting that allows you to email in the app. If you don’t see the email function in the Blackboard app, reach out to your instructor and the helpdesk. We will be happy to look at the settings.

Can I use the Blackboard app on my Kindle?

No. Currently, the only compatible operating systems are Apple, Android, and Windows.

Can I use a different language in Blackboard?

The Blackboard app supports more than 30 different languages. You will need to change your language preference in the device settings not in Blackboard.


If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact:
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