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Blackboard Tips from the SUNY Online Support Help Desk

Below is a list of helpful Blackboard tips to follow when working in your online courses.

    • Typing Tip: Always type your work off-line first, then copy the text into, or upload the document to, the online assignment area. If you type directly into the message box and something happens with your Internet connection or computer, your work may be lost. Imagine if you worked hard on an exam, only to receive an error when you click Submit. Your work would then be completely lost and you would have to start again from the beginning. If you type your work off-line in a word processor, you would still have a copy of your answers.
    • Save Your Work: When you take a test, if you have the option to save your work periodically, we strongly recommend you do so. If you have the same page open for a long period of time you may lose your session. You may want to print a copy of your exam before you click Submit.
    • Time Management: Many instructors use timers on their exams. It is important you remember that as soon as you open the test the timer will immediately begin counting down. Even if you log off or shut down the computer, the timer still counts down. As soon as you begin the test be prepared to complete it in one session.
    • One Tab Only: Do not open your class in multiple windows or tabs. This can cause you to lose your login session and cause your work to be lost.
    • Clear Often: The Help Desk recommends clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser at least once per week. Directions can be found in our online Knowledge Base.
  • Don't Close Out: Always make sure to use the Logout link in the top right corner when you are finished working, DO NOT click the X on your browser to close the program.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact:
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