Importing a Zipped Folder - Mac Instructions

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Importing a Zipped Folder - Mac Instructions

Note: These instructions are for users on a Mac desktop or laptop using the Safari browser. Users in Blackboard may experience issues trying to upload a zipped folder. The error occurs when browsing for the zipped folder and trying to upload, the whole folder will be unzipped.

1. Open the Safari menu and choose Preferences

Safari Menu

2Click on the General tab and uncheck the option for “Open “safe” files after downloading.” Close the Preferences page after this change.

Safari Preferences

3When browsing for a zipped folder (ex. Importing a Package during the Export/Import process for moving a course), choose the file that has the white page with the black line icon. This will grab all of the folder items at once. When it is highlighted, then click Choose.

Choosing the Zipped Folder

4.  Follow the normal procedures to finish the uploading process.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact:
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